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Vote for Justice - Introduction.

Share these videos with everyone that demands Judicial Integrity.


Vote4Justice - Introduction

Dr. Richard I. Fine explains how for the first time through a single web site: (1)  you can expose, fight and solve judicial corruption; (2) directly contact your county, state and federal representatives; (3) demand that they take action;  and (4) inform them that you will vote them out at the next election if they refuse. 

Campaign for Judicial Integrity

Vote4Justice - Richard Fine/Judicial Corruption.  The story of  Dr. Richard I. Fine, his fight against corruption in both the California and Federal judiciary and the resulting  formation of the Campaign for Judicial Integrity. ​

Consequences of Judicial Corruption-Case Study.

Vote4Justice- Dr. Richard I. Fine Interview of William Goble. William Goble's case demonstrates that no one can get a fair trial before Judges who receive illegal payments and Retroactive Immunity from Criminal Prosecution.  William Goble's Case demonstrates that a Person will Not Get a Fair Trial or a Fair Appellate Court Hearing from Judges who receive Illegal Payments from Counties and Retroactive Immunity from Criminal Prosecution under SBX 211.​

"Exercise your Rights - Vote for Justice."

"We, as intelligent, dedicated, citizens and voters are exercising our Constitutional right to "petition" our government officials to eradicate judicial corruption.  In pursuit of this goal we will work to vote out of office any elected official who continues to persist in supporting judicial corruption."


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