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Amendments and Bills for Judicial Integrity

"2013 Fine Amendment"​ to SBX 2 11 will REPEAL approval of county iIllegal payments, REMOVE judges and county supervisors who received retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution from office,  STOP  state contributions to pension funds of judges who received retroactive immunity from criminal prosecution and SAVE taxpayers approximately $25 million per year and approximately $450 million over the next 25 years.

"2018 Fine Amendment" to SBX 2 11 will REPEAL approval of county illegal payments, remove the disparity in judicial compensation to judges across the state by raising the base compensation to all judges by the current amount paid by LA County to LA County  

Letters Demanding Government Officials Be Held Accountable

A. California Executive Branch of Government.​

1. Governor of California ​

2. California Attorney General

3. California Director of Finance​

B. California Legislative Branch of Government.​

1. California Assembly Speaker

4. California Assemblyman

7. CA Senate Minority Leader

2. CA Assembly Majority Leader

5. CA Senate President Pro Tem

8. CA Senator

3. CA Assembly Minority Leader

6. CA Senate Majority Leader

C. California County Supervisors​

1. California County Superviors Letter

D. US Government Officials from California

1. US Senators 

2. US Congressman

3. US Attorneys

E. California Political Party Caucuses​

1. CA Senate Democratic Caucus

3. CA Senate Republican Caucus

2. California Assembly Democratic Caucus

4. California Assembly Republican Caucus

F.  United States Government Officials​

1. United States Senators

3. United States Speaker of the House

2. United States Senate President  Pro Tem

4. United States House of Representatives Minority Leader

5.  President of the United States 




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