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 Campaign Overview - Corruption, Justice Denied and the Solution


In California over 90% of the 2,000 judges received $400 million of ILLEGAL payments from counties or courts for OVER 25 years! 

These ILLEGAL payments continue today at the rate of $25-30 million a year, corrupting 90% of the 2,000 curent California judges.

The effect of the ILLEGAL  payments to California judges was to corrupt 90% of all judges sitting on all California courts. U.S. judges  protecting the California judges subverted the U.S. judicial system. 


See the 34 counties where $400 million was ILLEGALLY paid to 90% of the 2,000 California judges for OVER 25 years and where  currently $25-30 million each year is ILLEGALLY paid to 90% of the California judges. ​

You can directly contact your California state, California county and U.S. representatives THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.

You can demand that the California representatives: (1) enact the "Fine Amendment" to SBX 2 11 by removing the judges and county supervisors from office who received retroactive immunity from state criminal prosecution under Section 5 of SBX 2 11; and (2) stop all state payments to these judges' retirement fund.

You can demand that the California Attorney General prosecute the judges and county supervisors for current violations of state law.

You can demand that county supervisors immediately stop all ILLEGAL county payments to California judges.

You can urge the President to institute an Executive Order requiring prosecution of the judges. You can demand that your U.S. Senators and Congressional Representatives institute investigations to determine: (1) why the U.S. Dept. of Justice and IRS did not prosecute the judges; (2) why California counties were receiving U.S. money while making ILLEGAL payments to judges; and (3) whether U.S. payments to California should continue while the ILLEGAL county payments to judges continue. ​



Copyright 2013 Campaign for Judicial Integrity.

You can complete the information on the "How You Do It!" page and press "Send".

By doing such, letters will be sent from your e mail to your California state representatives, California County Supervisors, the President and U.S. Senators and Congressional Representative if you are a California resident or voter and to the President, your U.S. Senators and Congressional Representative if you are not a California resident or voter. 

The letters ask that your representatives respond to you within two weeks with their actions to implement your demands.


If your representatives do not take the action you demanded of them, you can VOTE THEM OUT AT THE NEXT ELECTION!

By taking just 2  minutes of your time, you will "EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS AND VOTE FOR JUSTICE!"


By taking 2 minutes of your time you will end judicial corruption. 






Copyright 2013 © Campaign For Judicial Integrity

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