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The Cost of Judicial Corruption.

CNN interviews Dr. Fine in the LA County Jail in April, 2010, 11 months after he was illegally incarcerated in coercive, solitary confinement for an indefinite period of time.  Dr. Fine sets forth the facts of the corruption of the LA Superior Court judges by the illegal LA County payments which are "bribes" and violate federal criminal law.
The judges never charged Dr. Fine with a violation of any criminal law in this case.
Dr. Fine's wife and daughter comment on the malicious abuse of power that illegally incarcerated Dr. Fine.
LA Superior Court Judge David P. Yaffe who ordered Dr. Fine's illegal incarceration refused to be interviewed as did anyone from the LA Superior Court.  
Joseph Carlucci of the California State Bar made statements about Dr. Fine which the California State Bar and California State Bar Court judges later showed to be false by admitting in court papers that Dr. Fine's disbarment was not for the charges made against him in the Notice of Disciplinary Charges, making the disbarment a fraud.
Sbsequently the California State Bar did not file any oppositions to Dr. Fine's motions in the California Supreme Court to set aside the void order of disbarment and wrote to the California Supreme Court justices stating that the California State Bar elected to not respond Dr. Fine's motion to set aside the void order of disbarment made on the grounds of fraud upon the court.




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