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Candidate's Pledge to Eradicate Judicial Corruption

The Campaign for Judicial Integrity's Pledge to Eradicate Judicial Corruption (Pledge) is available for all candidates for government office to download and sign.  Upon signing the Pledge and completing the the "Candidate's Pledge to Constitutents form", the Campaign for Judicial Integrity (CFJI) notifies voters, the public and the candidate's constituents that the candidate pledged to eradicate judicial corruption. The simple procedures are: (1) download, complete and sign the the Pledge; (2) complete and sign the Candidate's Pledge to Constituents form; and (3) scan the the completed Pledge to the candidate's website. This procedure allows the candidate and CFJI to notify voters, the public and the candidate's "constituents" of the candidate's committment to eradicate judicial corruption.

Candidate's Pledge - Click to Download and Complete.

On the form provided above, the "Candidate's URL" field must contain the website address that is hosting the Pledge.  The CFJI independently informs voters, the public and the candidate's "constituents" of the name and office being sought by each candidate who signed the Pledge through the CFJI's website, news releases, updates and other means.  In order to "vote" for any candidate for a governemnt office, we, as intelligent, dedicated citizens must be able to identify the candidates that have Pledged to protect their constituents.  Candidates that have not taken the Pledge must NOT be elected to any government office.




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